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A little about Laesoe Tang

Spisetang fra Danmarks reneste farvand

Laesoe Tang is a family enterprise based on Laesoe – a small rural island situated in the sea of Kattegat – right between Denmark and Sweden. Tang, as you may know, is the Danish word for seaweed. Here at Laesoe Tang we love seaweed!

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When talk about seaweed and Laesoe most people think of Laesoe’s seaweed roofed houses. But Laesoe Tang is not about seaweed roofs – it’s about seaweed for consumption as one of the finest sources of natural nutrition.

The water surrounding the island of Laesoe is naturally very salty and extremely clean – in fact it is officially the cleanest sea water in Denmark according to many recent studies. Our water is a source of more than 200 species of seaweed but here in Laesoe Tang we focus on only the most nutritious of these with our primary production limited mostly to sugar kelp, bladder wrack and saw wrack.

Our journey began in 2014, starting our production mostly with dried seaweed as a raw ingredient for nutritionally sensible consumers to add to their own diet at home – but it quickly became obvious that seaweed was becoming a more widely acknowledged source of natural and tasty nutrition – with that came a greater appetite for seaweed based end products which was the start of the next stage in our journey.

The most important step for all our production is of course the harvesting of the seaweed. We harvest the species that grow near the coast ourselves but we cannot wade out in 30 meters of water to harvest some of our most important species so that is where the help of our local skilled fishermen come in. As part of their fishing for crabs, lobsters and flatfish they collect the sugar kelp species of seaweed exclusively for Laesoe Tang, bringing it on board with their catch.

There are several steps in the production.
Common to them all is that each and every seaweed blade comes into our hands and are quality assured and treated.
The first step is to dry the seaweed – this is a natural process in our purpose built open air drying room. Our experience has taught us that air and sun exposure are by far the best means of getting through this all important first step. The seaweed is then transferred to the next stage of its drying which takes place in a custom designed dehydration oven – never exceeding 60 degrees.

The entire production method is slow and manual but extremely rewarding. We are involved in handling the product and guarantee the quality of every stage of production.

While our production leads to a series of very popular finished products, such as pesto, picked seaweed, seaweed crisps among others, our passion for working with seawood runs deep so we always love to help customers by showing them how to use our seaweed in many recipes.

This passion goes beyond the treatment of seaweed for the purpose of consumption as we work regularly with groups from all corners of the world in educating them on the many benefits of seaweed. Our guided tours, workshops and seaweed safaris are a great way to explore the natural environs of the Laesoe coastline and experiencing in our love for seaweed!

Are we confident in our product?
Yes, we are.
Our seaweed is quality tested. The food control is regular, and fortunately we have always received the happy smiley from Danish Food and Hygiene Controls

It is easy to explain to consumers that the seaweed is healthy. For some reason they already know.
It is also common knowledge that seaweed is a sustainable food, and that it is a resource that contains part of the answer to how a growing world population can provide enough food for themselves.

At Laesoe Tang there will be no compromise on quality. Therefore, the healthy, clean and Danish seaweed from Kattegat is treated with respect – and should never be left on the shelf as a discount product.
Bon appetite